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Rancilio RS1 3GR Espresso Machine

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Rancilio RS1 3GR Espresso Machine

Model Number
W: 1084 mm D: 600 mm H: 463 mm

Product Features
  • 3 Group brewing version
  • Boiler Capacity: 16 litres
  • 2 cool touch steam wands with purge function, 2 programmable position per side
  • 2 water buttons with programmable dosage and temperature levels
  • 5 temperature levels cup warmer with adjustable drip tray height from 80-120mm - max cup height: 120mm
  • Energy saving insulated steam boiler with programmable water renewal, low power and eco mode
  • Heat exchanger powered independent boilers for precision thermal stability and 2 heating elements for temperature accuracy
  • Digital touchscreen LCD interface with backlit icons including tracking details of the last 30 extractions
  • Individual graphics displays for each grouphead detailing shot time, brewing profile and cleaning operation
  • Advanced Temperature Profiling allows dynamic control of temperature throughout extraction
  • 4 magnetic flowmeters to ensure accurate volumetric control
  • Grouphead pre-infusion chamber
  • External pump adjustment knob for saturation control and consistent pressure delivery
  • 2 USB ports for recharging smartphones and scales
  • Easy maintenance with access to pump adjustment and internal components
  • Stainless steel construction with customisable body to suit individual customer needs

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